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The Three Levels of Connection That Are Crucial To Success In A Purpose Drive Business

I’m so grateful I met Toni Lontis. Toni has a TV and radio show (Toni TV) which broadcasts through a network of literally hundreds of millions of people through the US, Europe, Australia… pretty much globally.

Toni invited me to co host a 6 part TV series with her about The Soul of Business, looking deeply into the ideas of doing business a little bit differently, in a way that connects us deeply with our purpose so we can serve better, create more profound impact, and leave something behind that continues to impact beyond us.

This is Episode 2 of our six part TV series. And in it I look at one of the biggest problems I see with people trying to create a business from their purpose-work, which is the gradual slide into disconnection caused by the “transactional” and “uncomfortable” elements required in business.

What I see is that there are three very definite levels of connection we must be aware of and nurture when conducting business from our place of passion. These are:

  1. Connection with ourselves (and our purpose)
  2. Connection with our craft and tribe
  3. Connection with our business

Each needs to be very personal and nurtured in awareness.

In this video we look deeply into these 3 levels of connection, why they are important, how to recognise when connection is slipping and what steps we can take to ensure reconnection and thus create the long term impact we want to create through business, in our lives

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