You know you need to get this “business” stuff right to create the impact you want, but you shy away from it as it feels so transactional, so heartless.
You know you should be doing much better because everyone LOVES what you give. Yet you hold yourself back because you resist the “taking” parts of the business because they just don’t resonate.
You know where you want to take this dream and that it is possiblebut the vision seems so big and so far away and you have no idea what the first step would even be.

Can you imagine how it would feel to have this amazing
that YOU created, more profound than you ever
dreamed it could be...

The Soulpreneur’s Business Training Mentorship
That will help you impact more people’s lives than you thought possible by creating full alignment and connection between your soul gifts and the business parts of your craft.
We’re not like other business training.
We’ll never…
Ask you to tone it down to make your offering more widely digestible
Push “business” and “marketing” tactics on you
Give you homework, projects, or completing time-consuming errands.
We believe that aligning with your highest and best self is the BEST way to grow your business. And we have the small, ritualistic, positive business practices and mindsets to help you shift into leading from the heart, AND get the results you’re looking for in income and impact.
Here’s what’s inside…
Access 18 Weeks of Business Training! We cover each of these topics twice!
You receive 3 months of access to this heart-centered community. We connect for…
What our community is saying…
Are you ready to transform your soul’s purpose
into your life’s work?
Choose The Soul of Business Seeker plan that works best for you!
Best Value
One Time Payment
Payment Plan
3 Monthly Payments
If you are not 100% sure whether this business training is for your Soulpreneur business, why not have a look inside and decide.
You are 100% protected by our 14-day money-back guarantee.
Meet your soul-business guide!

Hi, I’m Damian Papworth and I can’t wait to meet you inside The Soul of Business.

We Soulpreneurs all have a craft, a gift that when we share, we make the world a better place.

My craft is business. This became obvious as I transitioned from corporate to business in 2000, and had quickly built and sold 2 businesses within my first couple of years!

Now on my third business, another business I created from an idea born out of a sense of purpose, I find myself enjoying a business grown to ten times the size of the second. And when I say enjoying it I really mean it. I’m in flow, I’m contributing to the community, my life is in balance, it’s amazing.

So 20 years of “school of hard knocks” business wisdom, of amplified success, of seeing what works and what doesn’t, that I want to share with you.

Why? Well, like you, I want to make the world a better place. And the best way I can do this is to support people like you, people with a gift, a passion, a purpose.

So if you are sitting in your purpose, wanting to change the world through grassroots service, but need some support working through the business side of things, I’m here to support you.

I’m really looking forward to meeting you here in our community if you decide to join us!


The Soul of Business Seeker Is Perfect For You If:
The Soul of Business Seeker Is Not For You If:
What our community is saying…
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If you’ve read this far, you owe it to yourself to start your Soul of Business Journey today!

You are probably here because you are well on the journey of mastering your craft and now want to positively impact peoples lives, make real change.

But something is getting in the way, and that’s the thing called business. The reason this thing business is getting in the way is that business too is a craft that needs to be mastered.

So your choices are to either start a journey of mastering the craft of business, something that has taken me decades, or get some help.

And The Soul of Business is just that.

It is me, gifting you the craft of business in easy to implement weekly steps so you can just get to helping the people who need your help.

The Soul of Business is literally two decades of business wisdom gift wrapped for you, so together we can change the world.


The training consists of up to 90 minutes of course work a week. We try and keep all work outside this 90 minutes to a minimum, rather focusing on improving your business habits. Occasionally though there will be some additional work, work that should be able to be absorbed into your weekly schedule.

This course is not a “book-learned” business theory course. Rather is a guided mentorship of mindsets, practices, and strategies designed specifically for soulpreneurs and purpose-driven experts.

Damian has formal tertiary qualifications in Economics. His career started with 10 years in senior management in the Superannuation Industry, followed by two decades of business ownership in the marketing and digital spaces.
No, this program is not a 1 on 1 coaching program. Rather it is online delivered business training combined with group mentorship in a highly engaged and nurturing community.
The Soul of Business community is an amazing business support group which supplemts the online training with opportunities for feedback, accountability, partnership, additional adhoc business wisdom, and a place to share experiences in business and benefit from our “tribal wisdom”.
All resources used in the traininag are yours to keep, including slide decks, spreadsheets, checklists and other materials that are used.
This training is specifically designed for soulpreneurs and those creating a business from a passion, a purpose. It has proven to be highly impactful for those in wellness, mind-body spirit, music and the arts, sports and fitness business, and businesses of a similar nature. While we do on occasion have businesses from other industries come through the training find it impactful also, as it is not designed for other industries on occasion context is not perfectly aligned.


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