Let’s Change the World

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Let’s Change The World

The Soul of Business, guided by Damian Papworth, is a community that believes it is us, people of Purpose and Passion that have the offerings that can change the world, make it a better place for all. So we come together here to learn how to make business a positive and aligned extension of our crafts with business training, resources and tribal wisdom; so we can and walk the path to expanded influence, impact and income.

The Soul of Business Journey Follows a Path of:

Aligning Our Self, Our Purpose, Our Craft With Our Business

When you enter the world of business from a place of purpose, with that deep need to create positive impact, your passion often gets in the way of “commerce”, reducing our reach and the potential impact you can create.
When you know how to recognise this you can create TRANSFORMATIONAL ALIGNMENT, bringing you, your craft and business to the same path. In applying this alignment to an ABUNDANT AUDIENCE you can expand your influence and impact and create the business you dream of today. And within this dream business is the seed of the IMPACTFUL LEGACY that is within you, that the world needs today.

Creating The Impact We Want To See

And in following this path we manifest in our world a real sense of FULFILLED PURPOSE, a sense that we are here doing all that we are supposed to be doing.

We manifest the feeling of fulfilled purpose as we see the CHANGE THAT MATTERS reflected in the hearts and lives of those we serve, reflected back to us energetically and physically in the APPRECIATED VALUE that flows back into our lives.

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Our Inspiration

“David W. Orr famously said ‘Our planet does not need more successful people. Our planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers and lovers of all kinds’

Inspired by this quote I’ve always wondered what the planet would look like today if it was the peacemakers, healers, restorers and lovers of all kind that were the successful people of our world, and attracted the resources, influence and impact that success as we know it today attracts”

– Damian Papworth

From The Soul Of Business Community